FREE Info Session: What is Hormone Yoga Therapy with Corinne

Saturday, February 17        11:00am – Noon        Free

Free Informational Session on What is Hormone Yoga Therapy w/Corinne McNally.

Corinne has just returned from South America where she was trained and certified by

the founder of Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) - Dinah Rodrigues to teach this natural & holistic method of balancing hormones.

This unique method of Hormone Yoga Therapy created by Dinah Rodrigues is for all women with complaints caused by hormonal imbalances.

Women suffering unpleasant symptoms get quick results.


Reflexology for Couples with Rebecca

Saturday, February 17        3:00 – 5:00pm        $50/couple

Reflexology is an ancient practice of connecting with and stimulating meridians and pressure points in the hands and feet to cultivate a sense a relaxation and whole body wellness. This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn and practice hand and foot reflexology to share with your partner or friend. You will learn theory, technique, and each person will have the chance to receive a session from your partner. This workshop is a wonderful way to cultivate intimacy, share healing energy and promote wellness with the ones you love. We will have yogi tea to enjoy during the workshop as well! This is the perfect valentines gift.


Twist Class with Melanie

Friday, February 23          10:45am – 12:00pm            $20

When we develop an understanding of how to move our bodies correctly in twists we begin to feel the benefits in a much deeper way. Twists release stress and anxiety, enhance digestion and circulation, alleviate back pain, and create greater breath awareness. Experience an array of different twists to deepen your practice!