Tuesday - 4 Week Session

Mum & Baby Yoga with Roxanne

July 9 – July 30 11:00am – 12:00pm $56

Share the joy of yoga with your baby! Mum & Baby yoga is a gentle practice which combines traditional Hatha postures for mums with stretching exercises, songs and soothing techniques for babies. While enjoying the company of other mothers and babies in an informal setting, mums can focus on building their strength and flexibility and on using breath and body awareness to achieve relaxation.

Suitable for all levels and for babies from 6-weeks to crawling. 

*Provided we have the minimum number pre-registered for this session this class WILL be open to drop-ins

Tuesday - 8 Week Session

Prenatal Yoga with Roxanne

July 9 – August 27 7:15 – 8:30pm $112

Through the practice of prenatal yoga, expectant moms can develop strength, stamina and stability while becoming aware of how the practice needs to be modified for their changing bodies. Time is devoted to cultivating awareness of the breath and to what’s going on within the body, especially the belly. With this connection we turn inwards to cultivate internal resources we will draw on during labour and birth. Through a variety of postures, we explore the difference between discomfort, stretching and pain and discover ways to relax through it all.

Thursday - 8 Week Session

Gentle Yoga with Darria

July 4 – August 29 1:00 – 2:15pm $112

*No Class July 11*

Gentle yoga is perfect for people who want to try yoga for the first time or for those who are looking for a softer approach to their practice. In this class we will combine gentle yoga poses with breathing exercises and restorative postures to stretch and strengthen the body, reduce stress and calm the mind. Everybody is welcome to practice yoga in this supportive environment. No yoga experience is required.

*Provided we have the minimum number pre-registered for this session this class WILL be open to drop-ins

Saturday - 4 Week Session

Trauma Informed Yoga with Jeremy

July 13 & 27 Aug 10 & 24 10:30am – 12:00pm $72

Traumatic experiences can turn into stored patterns of physical and emotional pain, leading to a loss of connection to one’s body. Trauma informed yoga is a process designed to help individuals achieve healing by rediscovering a sense of peace and safety in their body.

A substantial amount of research supports the effectiveness of a regular yoga practice for decreasing the symptoms of trauma. Jeremy Bell, Registered Psychologist and Certified Yoga Instructor, will blend elements from both psychological and yogic practices to help participants develop their own personalized toolbox for self-healing.

Participants will be guided through a series of exercises designed to promote mindful exploration while emphasizing safety and choice. This class is opened to anyone interested in learning and experiencing trauma informed yoga. No previous yoga experience is required.

*Due to the nature of this class, we will not be opening this class to Drop-ins. Thank you for your understanding.

Registering for Workshops & Classes

The family here at Yoga Within is always trying to think of ways to improve our schedule & classes to better fit what classes & workshops you want to see & attend. The most helpful way to do this is by your early registration for our Registered Classes & Workshops. We need a minimum number of people pre-registered for each class & workshop. Pre-registrations help us determine what classes you are still excited about & interested in & what we will keep on our future schedule. While we do our best to make as many of our classes open to drop-ins, we need to do as much pre-registration as we can so we can ensure your favourite classes run & stay on the schedule. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!