Drop-in vs. Registered Yoga Classes

What are Registered Classes?

Registered classes are a set number of weekly (once a week) yoga classes that you sign up for in advance.

For example:

Wednesday Beginner Hatha Yoga (this is the day and type of class)

September 1 to October 28 (Start and end date of session)

5:45 to 6:45pm from (time of class)

$104 plus gst (cost of session)

For this class you would call at least one week before the listed start date, upon registration you would pay the listed price.

Once registered you would attend the class at the listed time and day, (each registered class only runs once a week) from the listed start date to the listed end date. So in this example you would come on Wednesday at 5:45pm for a one hour class and start on September 1 and end on October 28

Registered classes are less expensive per hour but limit you in that you can only attend the specific class you have registered for.

Punch passes cannot be used for these classes unless otherwise stated


What are Drop-in Classes?

Drop-in classes are all level classes that are open to everyone and anyone. You do NOT have to pre-register for these classes. All you have to do is show up a few minutes before the class and head on in.

Any of our passes (punch, monthly, 2 week, daily passes) can be used for these classes

The great thing about drop-in is it allows for flexibility in schedule, and gives you the opportunity to try many different classes.


If you have any questions regarding our registered or drop-in classes please call us at (780)450-9642 or email us.

Look forward to see you in class.