This Month owner Melanie Checknita is featured in our local Business in Edmonton Magazine


The Article entitled "Is Work Isolation Adding to Our Sick Days?" discusses the impact our isolated and lonely works day our having on our mental health and general overall well being.

"We need to learn to treat ourselves with kindness, and that will transfer out into our daily lives, melting stress away and enabling us to learbetter coping strategies. We tent to wear it like a badge of honor that we don't have time for oursleves, but it's like they say on an airplane: you need to take the time to put your own mask on first. By looking after yourself, you are better equipping yourself to deal with life's stresses."

- Melanie Checknita

See the Full Article Here.



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Saturday, January 14       12:15pm - 2:15pm         $30 (plus GST)

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Yoga & Writing with Tracy & Katherine

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